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Performing on the UK stand-up circuit since 2017. Hour-long show IZZY MANT: POLITE CLUB was a sell-out success at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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Three Weeks
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POLITE CLUB is about politeness addiction and how to smash it. It’s about how I came to realise I’d been pathologically tactful all my life, and how I reclaimed rude. It speaks to anyone who’s ever smiled through a car-crash date, apologised to a mugger, or risked death just to avoid embarrassment.

The first rule of Polite Club is: you do not talk about Polite Club. Unless someone asks you nicely.


Pure hilarity

Ed Fest Mag

An assured and polished debut - and I'm not just saying that to be polite!


In this polished, consistently amusing debut, she confirms her emergence from her shell and her absolute bona fides as a comic

The Scotsman

Engaging, intelligent and unflinchingly honest

The List

Other things comedians care about: I was a finalist in the Comedy Virgins Summer Competition, a Semi-finalist in the Amused Moose National New Comic Award, and I’ve ‘beaten the blackout’ at Up The Creek. I’ve also done four feature spots in LA so now I call myself an international comic.