Izzy Mant standing with a red coat


This is my ‘other’ page, for things that don’t fit neatly under writer, producer or comedian. I’m really good at getting red wine stains out of carpets, knowing secret shortcuts on the London Underground, and helping people to find lost things (see footnote).


I’ve been on some podcasts. I love being on podcasts.


I sometimes perform at storytelling nights. Those are fun to do as a comedian because people are surprised when you say anything at all funny.


I’ve been interviewed or quoted in some publications about some subjects. None of them asked about the wine stains or tube shortcuts, but here they are…


Wine stains: (1) Stand one-legged on a tea towel on stain. (2) Pour water on stain. (3) Repeat step 1. Must be performed within one minute of spillage.

King’s Cross: Wherever you’re going, follow signs to Hammersmith & City line until you’ve left the platform. Then you’ll see signs to a much quicker route to your desired line. (This doesn’t work if you’re going to the Hammersmith & City line anyway)

Lost things: It’s wherever you thought it would be, where you’ve already looked three times, but you didn’t look thoroughly enough.

You’re welcome.